Monday, August 16, 2021

My Lifetime of Dieting Exposed


DASH diet

Cabbage Soup Diet

Slim Fast

South Beach Diet

Atkins Diet

My Fit Foods jump start plan

Snap Kitchen jump start plan

Lean Cuisine

Healthy Choice

Weight Watchers


Whole 30 (I know, they say it’s not supposed to be used as a diet)

21 Day Fix

Personal Trainer Food

Bright Line Eating

Carb Cycling

And probably some others that I’ve forgotten about.

I’ve tried losing weight on my own. I’ve joined online weight loss communities. I’ve joined in-person groups. I’ve joined virtual groups. I’ve downloaded weight loss apps. I’ve bought a lot of weight loss books. I hired a dietician. I’ve hired personal trainers. I’ve hired accountability coaches. I’ve hired weight loss coaches.


You may be thinking, “What’s wrong with Trina?” or “If she failed at that many diets, obviously the problem is with her.”

✅ Here’s the truth…the diet industry is the only industry that sells us products that don’t work long-term, yet when they fail, we blame ourselves instead of the diet.

That would be like me as a doctor telling a patient if they take the blood pressure medicine I’m recommending, it will lower their blood pressure for a few months. But after those few months pass, the medication will stop working, and their blood pressure will rebound and shoot up and possibly cause them to have a stroke.

How many of you want to take that medicine?❌

Yet, that’s exactly what we do to ourselves over and over again when we keep going on diets.

TRADITIONAL DIETS DO NOT WORK! Trust me, I’ve tried enough to know.

So what’s the answer then?

After a lifetime of dieting I have finally found the thing that works…Intuitive eating.

Intuitive eating is not a diet. There are no strict rules about what you can and cannot eat.

Intuitive eating is about following your intuition and listening to your body and following your natural hunger and fullness cues.

Intuitive eating encourages you to reject the diet mentality, because diets don’t work…at least not in the long run.

Of course they all work initially, because you’re limiting what you’re eating. But think about it…how long did your weight loss success actually last? How long before you gained the weight back and were searching for your next diet?

When you think about it, diets do work at one thing, which is making us feel like failure.

And diets work really well for those companies selling the diets, as they get richer while you continue the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting.

I am on a mission to help as many women as I can learn what I have learned. I have never felt as much freedom or happiness as I have felt this year since rejecting traditional diet culture, diet rules, and learning how to eat intuitively.

❤️ If this is something you want to learn, too, I can help you.

Don’t spend another day feeling guilty about the food you’re eating, feeling like you can’t eat what you want to eat, criticizing your body, and feeling bad about your weight.

Let me help you learn a different way.🎉

I’m a physician and I’m also a self-love and body acceptance coach, which is an incredibly powerful combination.

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