Monday, August 16, 2021

You Can Always Buy Bigger Underwear


I was talking to one of my friends today, and she said her fitness goal was to “stop her stomach from attacking her panties”.👙 😀

This made me laugh, and I responded back to her and said, “Or, we can buy bigger panties”. 

I get it. No one likes having to buy bigger clothes. Especially when you still have a closet full of your old smaller clothes. 

When you look at your old clothes, it’s natural to fantasize about getting back in them, so you tell yourself that you’re only one diet away from fitting back into your favorite pants.

I have a closet full of those clothes too, and I completely’s been really hard to let them go.

For the last few years, I’ve also been on the hunt to find the “magical diet”. You know, the one that will allow me to lose weight while still being able to eat foods I love and never go hungry in the process. After 7 years of searching, I can tell you I still haven’t found it.

What I’ve found are a lot of diets that are restrictive that cause me to eventually break down after a few days and scarf down an entire pint of ice cream as my body screams, “please feed me!”

In fact, I distinctly remember being on one diet where the entire week all I could eat was a protein and 5 asparagus stalks per meal. 

Of course you’re going to lose weight on a diet like this. But what are you having to give up to achieve that goal? And -even if you do lose weight- how long are you really going to be able to sustain that weight loss? You can only eat protein and asparagus for so long. 

The good news is, THERE IS A BETTER WAY.

Instead of denying ourselves the food we really want...instead of beating ourselves up when we look at our bodies in photos...and instead of hiding our bodies in dark clothing...WE CAN CHOOSE TO LOVE AND EMBRACE OURSELVES EXACTLY AS WE ARE NOW.  

That doesn’t mean you won’t ever lose any weight. In fact, when you stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting, you’ll be able to get back in touch with your body’s natural internal hunger cues. 

When you think about it, why do we let a diet guru tell us we can’t eat when we’re hungry and we can’t eat food we actually want to eat? I like chicken and asparagus, but I don’t want to eat it for every meal for an entire week.

Instead of making myself miserable so I can fit into my old clothes, I’ve decided to just buy bigger clothes. And you can too.

Buying bigger clothes isn’t giving up. Buying bigger clothes isn’t admitting defeat.

Buying clothes (and underwear) that fits is one way we can show love to ourselves and our bodies. 

Buying clothes that fit is one way we can take back our lives from the billion dollar diet industry that tells us it’s better to go hungry than buy a bigger pair of panties. 

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I want to be part of a movement that says it’s ok to buy underwear that fits our bodies AS THEY ARE NOW instead of having to change our bodies to fit our underwear. And I can’t wait to bring you with me.

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